YouNow Boosts Retention By 19% With Web Push

Case Study

Ditching Email for Push Notifications

Before integrating OneSignal’s Web Push notifications, YouNow relied on email to notify users when a broadcaster they followed went live. Because these are time sensitive broadcasts, YouNow needed to notify specific groups of fans as soon as their favorite broadcaster went live.

Sending emails to a younger demographic turned out to be incredibly ineffective and, because their platform relies upon a live peer to peer connection, YouNow began to explore other options to notify and engage users for the web.

Screenshot younow
YOUNOW: A live streaming and broadcasting service.

After installing OneSignal’s Web Push SDK, YouNow was able to increase their engagement and conversion rates for the web at almost an equivalent level as their mobile platforms.

Introducing Web Push was very easy to do and the impact was very clear. If you compare the amount of effort to the amount of impact, it was an unparalleled ROI to anything else we’ve tried.

Easy Self Service Implementation

Like many companies, YouNow didn’t see building their own push notification system as core to their business. Keeping up with changes to how browsers implement Web Push and ensuring delivery reliability were too important to be left to their busy internal product team.

With the help of OneSignal’s documentation and self-service setup, YouNow was able to research, review, and test the product without even using a credit card.

The ease of self service and clear documentation was a big factor for going with OneSignal. By the time we got to the end of the product investigation we just said, ‘okay, let’s turn it on.’

Push is a Core Part of User Experience

Early in 2016, YouNow tried an experiment in which they reduced the number of push notifications in a variety of ways to see how engagement and retention would change.

It turns out users didn’t mind receiving more notifications. No matter how many notifications YouNow sent, users were already happy to receive more. Web Push consistently proved to be a core part of the YouNow experience.

Push is core to our platform and we’ve seen that users don’t mind these notifications because they are in control of whether they join any broadcast. We simply keep them in the loop as to what is happening.

All numbers based on A/B test results conducted by YouNow.

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